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Congratulations, you have received your KEYMO®!

Here are the 4 steps to start stamping your PDFs on your PC, smartphone and tablet

1. Insert the battery into the KEYMO® as indicated on the leaflet included in the box

2. Download the KEYMO® app


Warning: KEYMO® works with Bluetooth, please make sure that your Bluetooth is activated on your mobile, tablet or PC. Please do not add your KEYMO® as a Bluetooth device in Settings/Devices.

In the case of older versions of Android OS, it is sometimes necessary to activate geolocation to be able to use Bluetooth.
At no time does BYSTAMP collect geolocation data.

3. Open the KEYMO® app and click on « Don't have an activation code » and « Create an account »

If this window is not displayed or if you are already on the home page, you can also initiate the creation of an account by clicking on KEYMO® and then " Activate " in the menu bar.

Click on « OK » to update your KEYMO.

Press the KEYMO® button. The LED above the KEYMO® flashes red once and then flashes green for 20 seconds;

Press « Next »

3.1 Create your account by filling in the form and click on « Sign up »

3.2 Create your imprint (stamp + signature)

• Select a stamp template

• Fill in the fields, choose the color and border type and click on " Next ".

• Complete your signature: choose « Text » or « Draw » or « Upload a picture»

• Enter your PIN code: the PIN code must have 4 digits.

You will be asked for this PIN code every time you sign a PDF. This ensures that the person stamping is the real KEYMO® user.

By clicking on " Next ", you can preview the stamp + signature

By clicking on " Back ", you can start this step again and reconfigure your imprint.

Press the KEYMO® button. A green LED flashes on top of the KEYMO®.

Your KEYMO® stores all user information. Please be patient, it may take up to 1 minute.

Click on " Finish ".
The configuration is now complete, you can start stamping your PDF documents!
At this point, if you wish to change your imprint, you will need to reset your KEYMO® by clicking on "Factory reset" and then "Activate" and start the configuration again.


• Click on " File " and " Open " to open your PDF

• Click on " Sign " and choose " Stamp " or " Signature " or " Stamp and Signature " and click where you want to stamp on your document.

• Enter your PIN code

• Press the KEYMO® button


• From the File menu, click " Save As " to save the signed document.
You can forward/share it with the next signer

Updated on: 14/01/2024

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