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Lean about each function of the KEYMO® submenus

The following features require an Internet connection : Activate, Synchronize and Factory Reset

« Activate » allows you to create your stamp and signature

• Option 1 : Create an account
• Option 2 : You already have an account

« Check state » allows you to read the information from a KEYMO® : the holder, organization, battery level, versions, …)

« Synchronize » allows you to update the software of your KEYMO® stamp.

Concerning PC or mobile app, please visit our website and App Store for mobile.

« Code PIN » allows you to change your PIN code

« Factory reset » allows you to reset your KEYMO®.

All data will be erase, your signature and your stamp will be lost.
Afterwards, go to « Activate » to configure again your KEYMO®.

Updated on: 14/01/2024

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