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How do I solve Internet connection problems in the KEYMO® application on Windows?

Some features of the KEYMO® application require an Internet connection to access the BYSTAMP server.

Example of an error message displayed by the KEYMO® application:

Therefore, you need to make sure that your computer has access to the following URL (port 443).

You can contact your network administrator/IT department or follow the procedure below to add an outbound rule to your Windows Firewall

Open the command prompt
Then type the command nslookup followed by the BYSTAMP server address
The result of the command should show you the IP address(es) of the BYSTAMP server (here only the V4 IP address)

Please note this IP address that you will need later
On the keyboard, press Windows + R
Then type wf.msc and OK
This will open the advanced settings of the Windows firewall.
Right-click on Outbound Rules and then click on New rule…

The new rule wizard launches with several options.
You can block IP addresses on one or all programs, a specific port or protocol or none of these.
In this tutorial to see all the options, we choose Custom

Leave All programs and click on « Next > »

Select the Protocol type « TCP », « Specific Ports » for remote port and type 443. Click on « Next > »

In the section « Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to? », click on « These IP addresses » then on « Add … »

Fill IP address of BYSTAMP server (see nslookup command result above) i.e
Click on « OK ». Then click on « Next > »

We leave « Allow the connection ». Click on « Next > »

Select on « When does this rule apply? ». In this example, the rule applies to all profiles.
Click on the « Next > » button.

Fill a rule name (e.g. KEYMO) and click on « Finish »

The outbound rule is added to the list

Restart the KEYMO® app and check that one of the features requiring a connection to the BYSTAMP server (e.g. synchronize) is working properly.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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